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I love using this one in my prayer time. Pulls me right into the presence!

Kristina B.



“Very Please”

Their scents are not over powering and it’s worth the price. I will be ordering again..

Elsa H.

More than expected very anointed oils

 Chris B.


“I just love your spirit beautiful and generous loving an giving always giving God has graced the both of with a love for His people, and that’s what it’s about. Love you May His Blessings continue in your lives!

Vivian C.

“Such a beautiful complimentary gift!

Prayer balm is amazing!

Quintisha C.



“Very Please”

Very pleased with the oil and the rapid service.

Lesta K.


Absolutely love it the aroma is Heavenly. You never disappoint it came very quickly to. Blessings

 Tammy F.


“Excellent oils and lip balm!

Sara S.

Love need to purchase more !

“I Love these oils and will order more ! Praise Jesus for you guys !

Carol R.




I absolutely love this oil, along with many others.. they are the only company I will use for anointing oil but honey wine is by far my favorite.

Ashley M.

God has a special purpose

This one and Awakening are my favorites so far !!!.”

 Lynette R.

Shared with Friends!”

“I felt Holy Spirit immediately! The fragrance of each one is unique to the others and smells fabulous! I’ve shared with friends and I will be buying more. Love them!

Charlsie S.

“You Won’t Be Disappointed”

“I LOVE every single thing I purchase from Five Scentz! I love using the anointing oil as my perfume! You won’t be disappointed when you purchase something from them!”

Desiree O.



“Excellent, GREAT PEOPLE! Quick turnaround! Very Happy”

Lisa M.

“Quality Is Great & The Aroma Is Authentic”

“I really enjoy using Five Scentz anointing oil for Prayer. The quality is great and the aroma is authentic. I apprecaite this ministry and what you all do.”

Charles D..

I really LIKE this brand!”

“Received the Lip Balm ( my lips were chapped so I used it) & it is BY FAR the BEST Lip Balm ever! Within 2 days no more chapped lips!

Cheryl J.

“Spirit of Excellence”

This Five Scentz operation is supernaturally charged with joy and a Spirit of Excellence! Thank you so much for all you do & we love your products and all that you do!!

Susan P.

“Made with Love and Divinely Inspired”

This Smells AMAZING!!
Absolutely love these oils! All thier products are made with love and divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit Himself!
Would difinitely buy again and for gifts. Many blessings over your ministry !! Amen.

Christine D.

“Pleasantly Surprised”

I ordered Shalom and got a sample of Double Blessing the order got to me so fast. I was pleasantly surprised by both scents. Ive anointed my home and children and wallet with both scents !! I’m going to be placing another order soon..

Crystle B.

“Amazingly Anointed”

Beautiful oils.
“I just received my oils intro pack and a bottle of psalm 133 oil. It smells so amazingly anointed..”

Shekhinah D.

“Powerful Download From God”

“Upon using and praying for the purpose that was prophesied over the oil and prayed for myself to receive, the presence of God was on me for that very thing. I used “intuition” and got such a powerful download from God. It’s not the oil but the prayer into the oil mixed with the faith of the believer activating the prophetic. The quality of the oil is very high with a light scent that is not overtaking. Like a breeze rather than a heavy wind. Great gifts at a great value. I highly recommend Five Scentz prophetic oils.”

Robin H


“When I first heard of Five Scentz, it was an answered prayer for me. I had been asking the Lord to reveal a source for anointing oil that was from His hands. This oil is blessed because the Lord has given them this as an assignment, not as a business. The oil is a tool used by the Lord to bring His glory to the Earth and to awaken us to His supernatural realm. I am SO grateful for the obedience of the makers of this oil because each oil carries anointing and blessings! FiveScentz will always be the place I order my oil from!
My second order of anointing oil just came in and I LOVE it! The first time I got awakening and it was amazing, this time I got four – more awakening, sanctuary of love, revive and oil of joy. All are amazing but the oil of joy is my new favorite!”

Brandii B.

“Wave of The Holy Spirit”

“I received my Anointing Oils Yesterday. Presence of Angels Oil of Joy Holy Anointing Oil I started checking my mailbox every day with anticipation to receive the anointing oils. I heard the Holy Spirit tell me they will come in Friday. Thank you, Holy Ghost they came in Friday. My kids and husband were talking around me as I opened the package. I first Anointed myself with Presence of Angels Husband rushing me let’s go Sylvia to the store! Anointed myself again now with Oil of Joy . I sure needed that. Husband said let’s Go! Anointed myself with Holy Anointing Oil Then BAM I felt like a wave of the Holy Spirit Hit me. From the top of head all the way down. Suddenly I heard someone speaking in tongues. It was a male voice. I went dizzy outside to the car smiling with So much Joy. I still could hear the man Praying in tongues as my husband drove away. I felt the Anointing on these Oils. Thank you and God Bless You Yackley Family for your prayers on theses Oils . Excited to take them to church Sunday”


” Smell Heavenly”

Susan B. I received my oils yesterday I immediately started using them and that night I remember seeing a brown angel feather in my dreams! They smell heavenly I pray this is the beginning of Signs, Wonders and miracles and heavenly visitations

Susan B.

“Atmosphere Changer”

“I have been purchasing prophetic oils for a lil while now . I not only love the way they smell esp ” The Door” but when I pray and place the oil on myself change happens . Activation Prophetic change .. I also use in my defuser .. the atmosphere in my home changes also .. for unbelievers who come into my home their attitudes change , they will start laughing , have happiness , wisdom , etc “

Danielle D.

“I Love Them”

“i ordered the different oils sample kit i loved all the oils i just ordered shalom and I’m going to order some more of the door oil i will most likely order more of some others that i like i love praying and worshiping the Lord praise God and may the Lord continue to use you (The Yackleys) to bless others!”

Tanya H.

“Pure Fragrance is Amazing”

“I love these oil their pure fragrance is amazing there Quality is one of the best I had. The Door is one of my favorites. When using it I sense an open door but the presences that happens is awesome. I sense the owners of this company take time in hearing from God on each oil and that is way they are unique and powerful anointing that comes with these oil‘s .”

Shari B.

“Love, Love, Love”

I anointed myself with the Awakening Oil the first day I got all my oils. I had been in a season of feeling dry. I keep seeing the numbers 1111 on a daily basis, which i felt the Lord wanting to awaken whats inside of me. As I anointed myself, i felt a instant presence of the Lord come over me. Thank you Greg and Sheila for your blessing us all with these amazing oils.

Nancy B.

“Smells Wonderful”

“I use anointing oil all the time, I absolutely hands down love this oil. I just received one called awakening and it smells wonderful. I will be recommending this and purchasing more. “

Debra M.

“Customer Service Is So Amazing”

“I really love this oil so much, it has an amazing smell that wanted me to oil it everyday. Would love to order more. And the customer service is so amazing too, i’ll rate it 10 as being the highest ? God bless you more.


“Putting the Love in the Anointing Oils”

Sheila and Greg thank you so much for putting the love and time into the anointing oils and all your products! I love every sent that I have ordered from you guys but I have to tell you that the honey wine is my very favorite! I wish a gallon of it! My diffuser works so good! I love it and I’m so thankful that I ordered extra of those for Christmas gifts. I encourage anyone reading this post to go to five scentz and order these products. I’m blessed with them!

Paula R.

“Beyond My Expectations”

Every bottle of oil I have received from Five Scentz has always gone above and beyond my expectations. Each scent is so unique and smells amazing. Overall I highly recommend trying them, you will not be disappointed. Each scent is made with quality oils!

Dave D.


“I just received the Awakening anointing oil. It has an unusually wonderful scent. As with any essential oil product breathing it in deeply is not only beneficial but it gets it deep into your system and it is definitely enjoyable before applying it. As I need some spiritual clarity right not for making decisions I am excited about the prayers that Greg and Sheila have prayed over this oil. And I just ordered their Holy Anointing Oil to use in my prayer time with healing prayers for myself. I look forward to trying The Door, The Gift, and Oil of Unity. Thank you Greg and Sheila for the God inspired anointing oils”


“Awesome Service”

“We love the Gift anointing oil & the swift service to get it to us for Christmas was awesome! Awesome service here, awesome gifts! Thank you so much!”


“Glory Fell Down”

“Glory Fell Down
I just got my order yesterday and I love everything but Today I put on Glory anointing oil and the Glory of the Lord hit hard on me and everyone in the church, Pastor mentioned the Glory and when someone prayed for me afterwards they told me they saw a Glow all over me and that I was beautiful! It was the Glory of God on me.. I felt such Love from God and it was a atmosphere of miracles and his Glory that hit today.. I am going to order the Soap Right Now…Go God!!! Every believer needs This Oil!! Glory to God!”

Cristle H.

“Father’s Heart”

“I ordered some Glory oil. i love it. they sent me two small bottles of oil with it which was a blessing that smell awesome also. prices are so reasonable & there anointing oils are the real deal n Fathers Heart.

Deb S.


“Awesome! Ordered Glory anointing oil and received it in a fast time frame. I highly recommend Five Scentz <3”

Crystal F.

“Powerful Aroma”

“I love everyone of my oils. I also have a lip Balm now. The smell’s and aroma are powerful. I always have it with me. I anoint myself with the oils putting the covering over me. I thank the Lord for putting your family in our lives”

Christina C.

“Pleasantly Surprised”

I ordered Shalom and got a sample of Double Blessing the order got to me so fast. I was pleasantly surprised by both scents. Ive anointed my home and children and wallet with both scents !! I’m going to be placing another order soon..

Crystle B.

“Peace Came Over Me”

just received mine and tried Shalom sample along with Awakening a peace came over me and weariness lifted definitely gonna order Shalom smells amazing too.”

Tammy F.


Shalom oil is what I used the other day. I have been working for a company for almost 3 years. Every single coworker has manifested in one way or another. So the other day, I anointed the office and at the doorway I prayed “Holy Spirit overpower them with Your presence.” So when my coworker came in he started pacing and rocking back and forth anxiously. I forgot about it. Well moments later he started apologizing for his behavior and asked me to please pray for him. I told him that I do and he looked first embarrassed then surprised and then thanked me. Hallelujah!!


“To God Be The Glory”

“Purchased the oils and they arrived in 5 days. I have issues with my sciatica nerve which causes terrible back pain. I anointed myself with the “Divine Intuition” & “Shaba” oil before bed and woke up with NO pain. To God be the Glory for what He has done! Thank you for your obedience in mixing the oils and making them available and affordable to the body of Christ! Will be purchasing more!”

A. Lewis

“Used In My Diffuser To Just Soak In It”

I just put SHABA into my diffuser at work just now and immediately I wanted to LOL, so I did. It’s good. Lets see what happens here now….lol. I just want to lay down and soak it in.”

Vicki E.

“Psalms 91:4”

“My daughter drew this picture and called it Psalm 91 but I saw under the feathers of His wings. I think the next day that Greg posted about getting the download for the formulation of the new oil Under His Wings and I knew that I had to buy it to send to my daughter! When I gave it to her the bottle had Psalm 91:4 printed on it… I just about fell over!!! She LOVES the oil and carries it everywhere with her and has plans to buy more to anoint her property with! Thank you guys so much !!

Stephanie W.

“Soaps & Oils”

“Soaps and oils
I absolutely love these guys! There soaps and oils are so wonderful! They smell so beautiful and are mightily anointed! Everytime I have a package show up the power and the glory hit me just in opening the package! Hallelujah!”

Luke A.


“All Natural,Prayed Over, & Made With Love”

“Soaps, oils, diffuser, great ministry
I have gotten the oils, soaps, diffuser and the lip balm. All of these products are wonderful, I use all of these products daily, they are all natural and prayed over, made with love. I have bought several times and will continue to purchase more, the soap smells wonderful and my skin feels so soft”


“Peace That Surpasses All Understanding”

“I received my anointing oils last week and I highly recommend them to everyone! I have seen visions and experienced the peace that surpasses all understanding during moments I would normally be stressed! It’s beyond my understanding! Thank you so much for following the lead of the Holy Spirit as you were guided on this mission to make these oils!”

Tracy L.

“Presence of the Throne Room”

“The oils just permeate the room and the atmosphere with the presence of the Throne Room of Heaven every time I open a bottle! It’s amazing! Thank you so much!

Benjamin B.

“Manifest Presence and Glory of God!”

I stumbled upon these oils from a good friend re-posting something on Facebook. I immediately was interested in the oils when I read the story on how Greg receives the ingredients through inspiration of the Holy Spirit. As soon as I received the oils in the mail, I anointed myself with them and immediately felt a strong wave of Gods Presence and Glory come over me, it was heavy! I’ve been using them ever since, and Gods Presence is all over these oils! I have started to diffuse them in my office at the church and use them on others as we pray for them. Can’t wait to see how God continues to move through these divinely inspired anointing oils!


Matt J.


“I Love Gifting Them To My Friends & Loved Ones”

“Just received my oils! this is the second time I have ordered…. I almost have the whole collection now. I absolutely love them. They’re always packaged with care, shipped quickly, and I’ve even received a cute little extra sample oil which is such a blessing. I bring my oil with me everywhere and try to use them daily, making a point to say a prayer and use the smells as a reminder to walk in spirit throughout my day. I love gifting them to my friends and loved ones as well. I highly recommend these products”


“Scents I Truly Enjoy”

i have received the sample order of 1/4 oz. of every anointing oil. i am not keen on oils i’ve used in the past BUT OH Lord what a Blessing Beautiful 5 Scents i truly enjoy. i will be ordering other items soon. Thank you kindly

Ellen B.

“These Balms Are Wonderful”

I am at a loss for words, first off I thank God for Greg and Shelia, I pray blessings over them and their family, these balms are wonderful, smell great, feel great, fit in my pocket, shipping is top notch, the anointing is off the wall. The soaps are wonderful, the lip balm are wonderful, the diffuser is wonderful, the oils are wonderful, every product I’ve purchased has been a blessing. Highly recommend everything.” 

Debra M.

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