Glory Anointing Oil 1 oz Roll-On


GLORY- Prophetic Anointing Oil. Atmosphere of Miracles ~ New Realms of Glory ~ Transformed Minds.

This unique divine anointing oil formula was received while on a prayer getaway to Moravian Falls, NC. I was in the spirit and began to hear the voice of angels. (the cabin and area we stayed at is known for increased angelic activity). I heard them speaking the types of oil and the amounts. I quickly wrote them down and did not revisit them until I arrived home, when I was able to mix the oils together for the first time after returning home. I smelled the oil after it was mixed and asked Holy Spirit.. What should we name this anointing oil. He said GLORY. During that week of prayer we entered into such awesome new levels of His Glory (The manifest Presence of God). Experiencing clear visions, dreams, trances, angelic encounter, and heavenly visitations. These have continued even after returning home. a floral, fruity, sweet, resinous, both masculine and feminine blend that will awaken your senses


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