Shaba Anointing Oil 1 oz Roll – On


Shaba Prophetic Anointing Oil – SHABA; A covenant promise being made with God. A power packed divine combination of some of the most unique essential oils. Cocoa, Sandalwood, Coffee essential oil that open the heart, are calming, uplifting, antidepressants. Gardenia, Balsam of Peru, Geranium, and Oak Moss known to increase focus, to stimulate the mind and heart, and increase spiritual depth.

To Make Covenant – Promise

​Literally, when God uses the word shaba, God “sevens” himself, as if he intentionally repeats the promise seven times!

An oath from God meant that the recipient’s life purpose was connected to a larger reality than could be readily seen. A shaba promise from God was an active promise. It was the reward of both a supreme trust in God and the corresponding faith action to do His will.

Proverbs 3:3-4

Tablet of Heart – Peaceful Mind – Balancing

Cocoa – Sandalwood – Coffee – Gardenia
Balsam of Peru – Geranium
Sweet Almond Oil

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Weight 2.9 oz


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