Shalom Anointing Oil 1 oz Roll – On


Shalom Prophetic Anointing Oil – Atmosphere of Love Oil. A Powerful combination of oils known to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, fear, doubt, worry, and sadness. All the essential oils used are known to create an uplifting atmosphere of Love. A sweet, flowery, earthy, and lovely fragrance. Rose, Jasmine, Tuberose, and Vanilla.

complete wholeness – perfect peace – divine grace

While sitting at the table where we mix anointing oils. I began to smell the scent of Jasmine. The smell came and then it went. I looked around to see if there were any open bottles of Jasmine. There were none, they were all sealed tightly. Again i smelled the scent of Jasmine. It was unmistakable.  I then heard the voice of the Holy Spirit. The angel of the Lord has been sent to deliver a new anointing oil formula. I then received the instructions for the formula.

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