Yadah Anointing Oil 2 oz Praise Thankful Worship

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Welcome to the beautiful aroma of Yadah Anointing Oil, you will enjoy the fruity, sweet, and floral scents of Lotus, Geranium, and Jasmine. The complex warm, and inviting scents of vanilla, cinnamon, and cocoa. Let us not forget the beauty of the woody, earthy, and herbal scents of rosewood, cedar wood, helichrysum, and mountain daisy. All these oils are perfectly balanced and not overpowering. Yadah Anointing Oil is sure to take your soaking or contemplative prayer times to new dimensions. Diffuse to use during your times of praise and worship, and the room will be filled with complete beauty.
The Hebrew word “Yadah”, literally means “to hold out hand”.
To give Praise, Thanksgiving, and Adoration to God.
To willfully throw your hands up to praise, to make confession, to give thanks.
To worship onto God.
To lift up ones voice in thanksgiving – to tell forth and confess His greatness.

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