When God gives you something just believe it and begin to move in it without any doubt.. In 2012 Holy Spirit spoke to us and said .. to make anointing oils. We started by faith and had not a clue what we were doing in the beginning however the Holy Spirit did. the formulas were given to us by way of heavenly downloads. It was rather shocking at first for us. As we did not even have the desire to make anointing oils before this time. We did it anyways and learned as we went. The last 6 months – 1 year some friends have began sharing with us about angelic visitations they have received.. Some while sleeping and some while awake.. In short clips of the dreams the angels will recommend the anointing oils that we make. Many also hear words from the Holy Spirit before He is about to release a new formulas, and many prophecies (too many to count) about making anointing oil supernaturally.. The last couple months myself and Sheila will randomly smell one of our anointing oils as we are going about our daily activities. The anointing oil formulas we have been given by are unmistakable. We just brushed it off as maybe one of the bottles broke open or maybe the smell was just stuck in our noses because we have made so much of it (gallons and gallons and gallons through the years) But it’s never the case.. the finished bottles are kept in another room and totally sealed.. This morning I was smelling one of our oils “Shaba” (to make covenant, to promise to God). I was beside myself because there was not this kind of oil in the area I was sitting. I asked Holy Spirit (because He is always available) where is that smell coming from? He said those are my angels. They enjoy the Scent of the heavenly anointing oil I have given you.. The angels are attracted to what has manifested out of heaven for you.. So we have had several angelic visitors the last few months and didn’t even know it.. Sometimes God works outside of your box and understanding.. Always ask questions. Holy Spirit is always there to answer. @fivescentz

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