Oil of JOY – Angelic Interaction

FEBRUARY 9, 2018

“Holy Spirit spoke to me this morning.. I’m going to give you a new Anointing Oil formula today.. “The Oil of Joy”.. I made time to allow Him to speak to me about 1 hour ago. An angel came into the room . Looking over my left shoulder and very interested ..The presence in the room was glorious . He began to whisper types of oil and amounts to me.. I just followed the directions that were sent by God”

Today just as during ancient times, God is still using Angels to send messages and directions. We however need to take the time out during our busy lives to slow down and listen and see. I have been experiencing these encounters for many years. Just like the paragraph above describes.. You too are able to encounter the Angelic and have ecstatic experiences in the spirit. Below are a few tips that I have learned to keep an open heaven in my life.

BELIEVE that it is commonplace for you to have these encounters.

ATMOSPHERE is incredibly important.. One of peace, joy, and Love for God and HIS KINGDOM.

BE CAREFUL of the company you keep. PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE in the SUPERNATURAL

EXPECTANCY! Expect for GOD to reveal mysteries, guidance , and direction for your life.

HIS PROMISES are Yes and AMEN. JESUS has made you ONE with HIM.. and a partaker of HIS DIVINE NATURE. Refuse to receive less than your full inheritance.

KEEP SEEKING, ASKING, and KNOCKING and HE will give you the desires of your heart.

STAY OPEN to GOD and keep a clean heart.. One free from wickedness, strife, bitterness, and negativity.. and most of all.. Make Jesus Lord of your life.. Surrender your Life to Him and watch HIM transform your life.. Its as simply as praying to HIM. and asking HIM to come take eternal residence inside of your Heart.


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