Awakening Anointing Oil

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Awakening Prophetic Anointing Oil -

Awakening the giant within you.  Taking possession of dreams and promises. Awakening Spiritual Clarity.
A unique and divinely inspired oil that has a bold and crisp scent. Frankincense, Blue Chamomile, Cocoa, and Helichrysum. Open and awakening the heart to be reminded of dreams. Experience a greater awareness, as you reconnect your faith and see hope restored once again.

11:11 - 1:11 - 11:11 - 1:11 - 11:11
AWAKENING the Giant within you.
1 Samuel 17:45
AWAKENING into supernatural Favor & Provision. Taking possession of promises.
AWAKENING spiritual clarity.

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5 reviews for Awakening Anointing Oil

  1. Debra M (store manager)

    I use anointing oil all the time, I absolutely hands down love this oil. I just received one called awakening and it smells wonderful. I will be recommending this and purchasing more. ~ Debra M.

  2. Nancy B.

    Love Love Love
    I anointed myself with the Awakening Oil the first day I got all my oils. I had been in a season of feeling dry. I keep seeing the numbers 1111 on a daily basis, which i felt the Lord wanting to awaken whats inside of me. As I anointed myself, i felt a instant presence of the Lord come over me. Thank you Greg and Sheila for your blessing us all with these amazing oils.

  3. Nancy

    I just received the Awakening anointing oil. It has an unusually wonderful scent. As with any essential oil product breathing it in deeply is not only beneficial but it gets it deep into your system and it is definitely enjoyable before applying it. As I need some spiritual clarity right not for making decisions I am excited about the prayers that Greg and Sheila have prayed over this oil. And I just ordered their Holy Anointing Oil to use in my prayer time with healing prayers for myself. I look forward to trying The Door, The Gift, and Oil of Unity. Thank you Greg and Sheila for the God inspired anointing oils.

  4. John (store manager)

    Thank you! Look foward on next purchase

  5. Jasmin

    I really love this oil so much, it has an amazing smell that wanted me to oil it everyday. Would love to order more. And the customer service is so amazing too, i’ll rate it 10 as being the highest 🙂 God bless you more.

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