You can be AWAKENED to the divine purpose for your life.

The last few months, there has been much time for inner reflection, many have a deep desire to know what is up ahead in the distance. Many have thought, how can I live in my God ordained potential. How can I live more purposely every single day going forward.
The good news is that Gods word is still the same, yesterday, today, and forever concerning your life. I encourage you to take time to reflect in prayer and meditation. Let some of the words below sink deep into your heart. Know that your life is not a waste of time, and things will get better again. We pray daily for you, that Gods will is awakened on the inside of your heart. 

God is concerned and vitally involved with your Life Purpose.  These are the things that cause you to come alive when you are doing them. You have been sent with a purpose on this earth. You carry a message that needs to be revealed to humanity.
Some communicate best through being a mom or dad, baking a cake, assembling bicycles, teaching students, driving an uber, building cars, feeding the homeless, comforting the elderly, and the list goes on and on.
How does a God that created the entire universe become so vitally connected, passionate, and intimate with your life?  His word declares that He knew you even before your mother’s womb. He numbers the hairs on your head,  and knows all your thoughts even before you think them. He knows the right choices you make and also the wrong choices before you make them, and is right there to pick you up when you fall down, or to strengthen you even more when things go right.. He knows you better than you know yourself on your best days.

Mark Twain said: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

 You have been sent to earth, complete with everything needed for this life.
Every human being is on a constant mission to find out, and be awakened to what is so special about this life and why we have been sent here to earth. The bible says that we have a great treasure hidden inside earthen vessels. We must find our purpose. Part of finding that purpose, is to search our hearts and Gods heart. God said, that He is the one that gives us the desires of our heart.
There is never an age limit to being awakened to our God given purpose.  He said that He would restore the years that have been wasted. To restore the time that we spent doing others things that were fruitless. He is a supernatural God and can accelerate the time that was lost. All He needs is your agreement and your willingness to walk by faith.

I spent many years chasing things that were outside of Gods best for my life. One day in February 2009 I was awakened by the Holy Spirit. Almost as if a smoldering coal received a fresh wind to light the fire again. My eyes opened in a simple way. It wasn’t as if I needed to follow some religious order or to obey the commands of a man or woman.( Although there is great reservoirs of wisdom and knowledge that we can receive from men and women.) The entire package that laid dormant inside me was not 100% opened on that day, but it opened  piece by piece. Like blueprints are rolled out , that have multiple pages and specifications for each area of a building. So in the same way we receive our plans through the Holy Spirit. Gradually He showed me what great plans He had in store for my life. He prepared me quickly and sent me to many places around the world to help people to be awakened to their God given purpose. I’m still under construction and seeing the work of wonder God does in my life daily. It truly is a great joy to find my purpose and walk in it day by day.

You too can have the same awakening as I received. It is accessible to to every human being that walks this earth. God has given you a future and hope. Regardless if you are 10 years old or 99 years old, He wants you also, to be awakened to your unique God given gifts, abilities, and purposes. 

Love & Blessings!

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