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The Greg’s Blessing combo will contain 4- 1/3 oz roll-on bottles of oil

1- Awakening Anointing Oil

1- Spirit & Life Anointing Oil

1- Miracles Anointing Oil

1- Glory Anointing


As some of you know in November of 2021 Greg Yackley the co-founder of Fivescentz became ill and was hospitalized. In early December the doctors had lost all hope, but God had other plans for the life of this man. A man that God has used over and over and both overseas through international missionary trip and locallly in the states. God was definitely not done with the call that he had placed on his life.
While hospitalized our children helped keep Fivescentz going as we continued to pray and care for Greg. One day while in our Fivescentz office our daughter felt the need to get Greg’s story out and to make a combo of his favorite oil that he has used personally through this healing journey and through the various ministry trips he has taken.
After 8 months Greg has come home from the hospital and is regaining strength each and every day.

Romans 8:28NKJV

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to HIS purpose.

Matthew 10:8 NKJV

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.



The Greg’s Blessing combo will contain 4- 1/3 oz roll-on bottles of oil

1- Awakening Anointing Oil

Awakening Anointing Oil Destiny, Favor, and Dreams

Awaken your faith and regain clarity with the effect of this unique and divinely inspired anointing oil. It is one of the best anointing oils to have ready in your home when you want to anoint your loved ones and awaken their faith– especially if someone has strayed from the path of righteousness.

The aromatic and pungent scents of frankincense, blue chamomile, cocoa, and helichrysum give off a calming effect that awakens spiritually, giving the user ultimate clarity and awareness– allowing them to restore and reconnect with their hidden spirituality.

1- Spirit & Life Anointing Oil

Saturate yourself with the infused fragrances of Lily of the Valley, Wisteria, Vanilla, Hyssop, and Lavender. These fragrances are all known to enhance prayer and meditation times. All the Oils are described as Happy Oils, that can bring calmness of emotions and promote well-being. Alleviate depression, anxiety, fear, and tension. Great for personal or corporate prayer and worship.

A sweet floral scent, with subtle undertones of lavender, frankincense, and lily of the valley. with feminine and masculine notes

1- Miracles Anointing Oil

A complex mixture of twelve different oils. Floral, sweet, Exotic, and woody notes. This Anointing Oil will take your senses on a blissful and peaceful journey.  Rose, Blue Lotus, Tuberose, Vanilla, and Rock Rose. Cedarwood, Pine, Frankincense, Blue Chamomile, and Lavender.

1- Glory Anointing
12 different essential oils in this all natural heavenly inspired blend. Frankincense, Cocoa, Blue Chamomile, Helichrysum, Tuberose, Jasmine, Patchouli, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and more. A perfect balance of masculine and feminine, a strong yet soft and floral scent will take you into the spirit and into the heavenly places. Enter into new realms of His presence, and awaken the childlike faith within you


All proceeds of the sales of this combo will go toward his continued recovery and restoration.

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Weight 11 oz


  1. Lynette R. (verified owner)

    I Absolutely Love Love Love This Anointing Oil ❤🔥

  2. Elisha Graves (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the lovely anointing oils…. they smell so amazing and they bring new levels of intimacy and deeper revelation in my mornings with our Lord and Savior 🤍 blessings upon blessings to you… your family and your home 💜

  3. Holly Drury (verified owner)

    I actually am enjoying this combo with the roll on!! So easy to apply. We are heading over to New York to pray in Time Square and we used some of this oil to anoint our clothes

  4. Jose Rodriguez (verified owner)

    You got the order out quickly and I am blessed by your oil

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