Prophetic Encouragement – You are free to be light & free.

I’m creating in you a new heart. Enabling you to see the unique life I have given to you. Do not compare yourself with others. Come away from the enslavement of religions. Let go of the past. Failures that you had no control over, and places where you were distracted and everything seemed to fall apart, let go of these. I’m before you now, to lead you, guide you out, and onto the waters. I’m performing a deep cleansing of the heart to enable you to be lifted up and out of despair and despondency. I’m giving you an awakening into my Love and my faithfulness. You will really know me as your Father. You must allow me to come in and heal the pain, get you unstuck, and to remove the chains that have held you in place. DO not fear and do not compare the new, with what you have gone through. You have learned well and have surrendered all. Now I will allow you with all liberty into the next phase of the blueprint inside your heart.

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