An encouraging word for the journey YOU are on…

I’m always amazed at how simple the Holy Spirit can work inside of our lives, if we allow Him space. Sometimes we make receiving from Holy Spirit more difficult than it has to be.

Even this morning I had a few questions for the Holy Spirit and what I believed were pressing matters. Sometimes I can make a mountain out of a mole hill. It is at those pressing and stress filled moments that we sometimes receive the clearest answers.

As we choose to set our focus and full attention upon God, and His greatness, we become transformed. We give Him all of those pressing situations (much that we can do nothing about) and He exchanges these for comforting peace and joy. After all He is the great comforter. Most times right after this exchange takes place, a new clarity will come that is unexplainable. The fogginess and confusion will lift, and we will begin to receive words of comfort and healing that seem like our own thoughts, even though a few minutes prior we were in shambles and conflicted.

I encourage you this day to sit with the Holy Spirit in a place of prayer, meditation, or quietness, and allow Him to impart life into those situations that seem hopeless. It’s never failed me before. Holy Spirit is always available to you. He waits for your focus to change, off the problem and onto the solution. It is here that He can step in and take care of those things that seem impossible with man, but are possible with God.

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