Awakening the Giant within you

As many of you know, I make Anointing Oils at the direction of the Holy Spirit.. During prayer Im given downloads from heaven.. He has given 10 Divine formulas in the past 4 years, however I have not received a new one in the past 1 1/2 years.. I have been patiently waiting as two individuals have given Prophecy recently to me about new formulas.. Last night I was praying and looked at this rock in this picture that was given to me in June by a good friend and brother in the Lord.. (He picked it up on a trip he took to Israel several years ago from the field where they believe David killed Goliath..) as I glanced at the rock last night I had a a vision and saw a bottle of oil on top of the rock.. Holy Spirit said to get my notebook ready, as He was going to give me the ingredients to a new Anointing Oil.. I was able to hear the instructions so incredibly clear.. All the ingredients, amounts, even that the amount should even be split into 3’s ( I have been seeing the number 3 alot the past week) .. Everyone who smells the new oil says that it smells so DEEP! I breathed it in earlier and about fell out of my chair.. It’s ANOINTED, Anointing Oil.. I say this, to say.. PaPa God is BREAKING PEOPLE THROUGH! It’s happening in the unexpected moments .. look for it and pay attention to the Holy Spirit

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