Miracles Anointing Oil

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Miracles Anointing Oil

A complex mixture of twelve different oils. Floral, sweet, Exotic, and woody notes. This Anointing Oil will take your senses on a blissful and peaceful journey.  Rose, Blue Lotus, Tuberose, Vanilla, and Rock Rose. Cedarwood, Pine, Frankincense, Blue Chamomile, and Lavender.


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The Testimony

Together we sat in this one room cabin. With raw pine benches and a small humble platform in fields of southwest Kentucky. The presence of God was electric that morning. We had planned to bypass this prayer meeting, and rest for the morning, as there was a meeting the night before. We had stayed up late and woke up early. It was supposed to be a one-hour prayer meeting, but it turned into over three hours.  Red River Meeting House is tucked in between corn and tobacco fields, the second great awakening was birthed in the early 1800’s there. Humble beginnings with simple people. Where the Holy Spirit had changed lives in an instant. Hundreds of thousands made the trek in those days and, many still today make the pilgrimage to the place of this outpouring of Gods Spirit. That morning we showed up late and the people were already worshipping. I could sense the Angelic realm open and witnessed people being touched in a mighty way. Many divinely healed and delivered by the finger of God.  As humble men and women of God took turns ministering to those in attendance. Some in prophecy, some in healing, some in deliverance, set free from many years of bondages. Miracles that took place in bodies that were incurable according to modern medicine.

I still had not known why the Lord had sent me to that place. Besides enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of heaven, that still manifests there to this day. As I sat on the bench the Holy Spirit began to speak to me. “Greg, go to the car and get your notebook, I want to share something with you, that you will need to record.” I quickly went to the car and retrieved my notebook. When I sat down, back in the cabin. I was immediately in the middle of a divine encounter. I did not have to struggle to hear the words God had sent to me. If it was the Holy Spirit or Angels, I do not know. All I know is God was speaking the message. He said to me, “I’m giving you a new anointing oil formula”. I was then given the twelve ingredients to this Oil. I quickly wrote them down and the meeting closed shortly after.

The next day I was in a evening meeting. The Holy Spirit again was moving powerfully. I was ministered to, in that meeting by three different ministers.  The last one began to speak via the spirit of God. I had only briefly met this man the day before. He knew little detail about who I was. He spoke to me by the Holy Spirit. “I will give you a new Anointing Oil formula, by divine encounter and the name of the Oil will be called “Miracles”.

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